12 - 13A�October

Hotel Lev Ljubljana

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You should attend the seminar if you are interested in gaining further experiences in safety and EMC testing, having any unsolved technical question or dealing with international certification procedures with interest in global conformity assessment novelties.

Conference Agenda

Meet the speakers: Andrej Rakar

Andrej Rakar

Andrej Rakar obtained a PhD in electrical engineering at Jožef Stefan Institute where he worked in the field of supervisory systems for technical processes and introduction of information technology in production. In the field of information security he is active since 2005.

Meet the speakers: Alja Pregl

Alja Pregl

Alja Pregl started her career at SIQ as a student of physics, mostly working in the laboratory for safety of household appliances and medical devices. Since 2001, she has been responsible for the maintenance of SIQ accreditations as a testing laboratory, calibration

Meet the speakers: Tomaž Knez

Tomaž Knez

Tomaž Knez has more than 16 years of rich experience in testing and certification at SIQ Ljubljana. Mainly he is focusing on safety testing of Automatic Controls, Switches, Power Electronics and Functional Safety Software. He currently holds the position as Product Manager

Meet the speakers: Roland Gutzky

Roland Gutzky

Mr. Gutzky joined MET Labs in 2011 and served as European Business Development Manager from 2012 to 2014.  During this time, he worked extensively with the MET Partner Lab Network as well as European-based manufacturers to gain North American approvals.  He has

Meet the speakers: Melita Štebih

Melita Šteblih

Melita Štebih started her career at SIQ Ljubljana as a student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, assist at the safety testing in the Laboratory of Electronic Engineering. She has been employed at the SIQ branch in Germany for the last 6

Meet the speakers: Jože Novak

Jože Novak

Graduated as Bachelor of science on Faculty for Electrical engineering, Jože has proceeded with acquiring his Master’s degree in business studies on Faculty of Economics. During that period, he already worked at SIQ – initially as a student, but later on he

Meet the speakers: Matej Žontar

Matej Žontar

Matej Žontar is assistant to department manager at SIQ Ljubljana, responsible for technical compliance of SIQ Safety and Electromagnetics department laboratories. From 1995, after graduated electrical engineering at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, he is employed at the institute within the scope of

Meet the speakers: Ewald Jöbstl

Ewald Jöbstl

Ewald Jöbstl is a regulatory consultant for medical devices. He is owner of the company QM Jöbstl.  He founded his company in 2010 after more than 30 years of international experience in quality management, regulatory affairs and the development of medical devices

Meet the speakers: Bojan Pečavar

Bojan Pečaver

Bojan Pečavar started his working career at SIQ in 1983 as a test engineer (testing of electronic components). In years from 1990 to 2005, he was managing Testing Department (testing of safety and EMC of electrical/electronic products and components) at SIQ. From

Meet the speakers: Andrej Perko

Andrej Perko

Andrej Perko graduated as Bachelor of Science on Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana. In 2003 he joined SIQ team initially as a student responsible for preparations for various tests. Later on he became senior test engineer, responsible for testing household appliances,

Meet the speakers: Andrej Lange

Andrej Lange

Andrej Lange started his work at SIQ in 2009, as project manager in Safety and EMC department and since then he is an important member of SIQ team. He created database for managing and coordinating services, and is still administrating and managing

DAY 1 /A� Thursday, 12 October 2017

12 October, Hotel Lev

08:00 Registration and coffee
08:30 Welcome and introduction
09:10 New developments in international approvals through SIQ direct market access
09:50 TA?V Rheinland: Market access to Gulf and Persian countries
11:10 Coffee break
11:30 Cyber security and potential safety risks associated with communication between public networks and appliances
12:30 Lunch
13:30 What are the implications of the new revision of the ISO/1EC 17025 standard for manufacturers' testing laboratories
14:00 The interaction between a battery with a charging system and the end product
14:30 Understanding leakage current measurement principles
15:00 Coffee break
15:20 Understanding a radio module into an appliance and what to be aware of regarding European and North American compliance
15:50 IP versus the NEMA rating system
16:20 New features of the SIQ online portal
16:30 End
17:30 Evening event, dinner


DAY 2 / Friday, 13 October 2017

13 October, Hotel Lev and SIQ new premises

When registering please select one group.


OFFA� (Hotel Lev)
08:30 Designing for compliance to IEC 62368-1 2nd Ed. including the transition from products approved in accordance to IEC 60950-1. What brings 3rd Edition
10:30 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) and the National Electric Code (NEC)
11:30 Bus transfer from hotel Lev to new SIQ premises
12:00 Buffet lunch
12:45 Demonstration of measurements. Safety: touch current and protective conductor current, evaluation of hiccup mode during fault condition, mechanical tests on enclosure, temp. measurement of accessible part, temperature test on wireless power transmitter
14:15 EMC: radiated emission testing, electrostatic discharge testing, ESD

HOUS (Hotel Lev)

08:30 Recent and forthcoming changes to the EN/IEC 60335 standard series
09:15 WiFi requirements IEC 60730, IEC 60335 and EMC
10:15 Basis of LVD risk assessment with practical examples
11:30 Bus transfer from hotel Lev to SIQ premises
12:00 Buffet lunch
12:45 Demonstration of measurements. EMC: flicker, ESD, EMC safety, plug discharge in electronic circuit
13:45 Safety: photo-biological safety testing, battery testing, ingress protection testing

MED (SIQ premises)

08:30 Bus transfer from hotel Lev to new SIQ premises
09:00 New medical regulation and the requirements for marking products with an UDI number
10:45 How to bring medical devices to the US-American market. USA requirements for medical devices - Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
12:00 Buffet lunch
12:45 Demonstration of measurements. EMC:radiated emission, proximity fields immunity testing
13:30 Safety: defibrillator proof testing, ingress protection testing, laser safety testing,
vibration for 60601-1-11.

TOOL (SIQ premises)

08:30 Bus transfer for hotel Lev to new SIQ premises
09:00 Common challenges with transferring projects from EN/IEC 60745 to EN/IEC 62841
09:45 Evaluation of electronic circuits providing safety critical functions
10:45 Additional requirements for tools incorporating battery and charger
11:30 Demonstration of vibrations and noise measurements
12:00 Buffet lunch
12:45 Demonstration of measurements. EMC: flicker, EMF, conducted emissions testing, EMC safety, plug discharge in electronic circuit
13:45 Safety: photobiological safety testing, battery testing, ingress protection testing


08:30 Bus transfer from hotel Lev to new SIQ premises
09:00 Relevant standards for chargers (automotive, industrial, medicala��)
09:30 Wireless charging system
10:30 Demonstration of EMC measurements (radar pulse, BCI, strip line, automotive pulses according. to ISO 7637-2, ESD)
12:00 Buffet lunch
12:45 Demonstration of environmental measurements (icing, salt mist, temperature shock, multi data acquisition system, vibrations for automotive)
13:45 E-Mark regulation
14:30 Theory on vibration in automotive industry


Coffee break room in new SIQ premises will be opened non-stop in 1st Floor; lecturers will make a pause - please treat yourself.
Final conclusion and certificates ceremony for all groups is scheduled for 15:00.

If you want to see demonstrations of some measurements outside your group, you are more than welcome to visit our premises on 11 October after 17:00.








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